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What Are “Exotic” Cannabis Strains And How Do You Identify Them?

In an industry filled with buzzwords meant to sell you on opaque qualities of a strain, “exotic” strains are complicated to understand. Many people claiming to be smoking the most exotic strains on the market are early adopters of rising strains. Unfortunately, no market is without its pretensions, and so many people will throw a lot of hot air your way just to impress you with their knowledge. 

What Makes For An Exotic Cannabis Strain?

While the definition of Exotic refers to uncommon or rare cannabis strains, there are universal attributes that make for desirable buds. First has to do with the cure, whether or not it’s properly dried, and if it is maintained, the slightly wet cushy touch of cannabis buds. This wetness is basically the feeling of life in the plant so that it’s not old. Past that, visually cannabis can be incredibly diverse. Growing methods end up with dense, purple, orange, white, tall, or short buds or any combination of these attributes. 

However, trichomes are a consistent feature of every high-quality strain. These are the crystals that coat the surface of the cannabis flower, and they contain the majority of the active compounds within cannabis. Keif is used to describe this or the sugar that falls off into the bottom of your grinder. Exotic strains, and in general excellent cannabis strains, look like they’ve been coated in trichomes. Just like some ice, you can see the trichomes sparkling. 

What are trichomes actually? They’re small hairs that grow all over cannabis buds. Their size is what makes them look like crystals, when in reality they’re just hairs off the plant. In these hairs, the resin and cannabinoids of the buds are made, and that’s why they are the most important factor behind a cannabis strain. 

The genetics matter because genetics are what make a cannabis strain produce these parts. Expert breeders and producers like Exotic Genetix, DNA Genetics, Jungle Boys, and Cookies Fam, designed several of the strains proliferating across the industry today. Their seed choice and genetic knowledge is the first step in engineering a strain. Get the right seeds from the right people and you’ll have a high quality, exclusive, and exotic strain. 

Growing an exotic strain is just placing the right bet. Find a flower that you love which isn’t too hot on the market then find the seeds yourself. Just because people buy something doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Explore the world of cannabis yourself and make your own choices.

A Diverse Marketplace

Friendly competition is a healthy thing, but when you add limitations between interstate trade, any industry would become balkanized. There are California strains you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Likewise, the same is true in Washington, Oregon, Michigan, and anywhere with legal cannabis. Exotic strains are often local strains because the cultivators are either unable or uninterested in growing their service area. Put your nose to the ground and see what’s available around you if you want to be one of the firsts on the next big strain or someone with a few

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